Love the Fruit of the Spirit by Jimmie Scott2

Psalms 9:2 “I will be glad and rejoice in You; I will sing praise to Your name, Oh most HIGH.”

Have you ever heard of the Glad Game? It was a game played by a young girl in a movie. The movie was based from a novel “Pollyanna” written by Eleanor H. Porter. The short of the story is a young girl’s parents who were missionaries had both died, and she was sent to live with her mother’s sister, her Aunt. Her Aunt was unmarried and quite wealthy, not to mention stalwart. Pollyanna’s father, had taught her, “the glad game” to find something every day to be joyful of.
Our smiles bring light to those around us. Sometimes He does not want us to speak. As He truly lives within us, His compassion towards His created children, will over run darkness. That is how His Holy Spirit delivers the gladness and opens our hearts.

Grumpiness opens the non-lifter of joy. It will destroy His gladness.

No doubt you felt grumpy when the hot water heater stops working, or the car just won’t start. If we count to ten, just think about how His joy can carry you through. Are you supposed to meet that one person He needs you to? The time when you let Him guide us in His divine purpose. Count another ten, slowly if you need to, and fix your eyes on Jesus. Rejoice and be glad in Him. He will manifest His love and joy to overcome the grumpiness.

2 Chronicles 29:30 “King Hezekiah and his officials ordered the Levites to praise the Lord with the words of David and Asaph, the seer. So they sang praises with gladness and bowed their heads and worshiped.”

King Hezekiah, brought and demanded the revolution of God’s great love for them. He cleaned the house of Judah. His own father had allowed the Temple to be closed, allowed altars, idols, and pagan temples to become their way of life.

King Hezekiah, reinstated the Passover as a great national holiday again.

2 Kings 18:5 & 6
“Hezekiah trusted in the Lord, the God of Israel. There was no one like him among all the kings of Judah, either before him or after him. He held fast to the Lord and did not cease to follow Him, he kept the commands the Lord had given Moses.”

Oh, to be a Hezekiah! In the gladness of God, little can bring so much reformation, to honor and grow in His offered relationship with us. He brings us, His joy.

The new day could be your last day before going home to Heaven. It could be a day another soul accepts Jesus, because they met you, it could be a fulfilling and enlightened day for your spirit; or it could be the day of Jesus’ return. Regardless of the reason for this new day, let’s remember this:

Psalm 118:24 “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”


© All Authored Rights of Ms. Pfeiffer and photos of Jimmie Scott reserved.


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