World Globe

America’s Independence Day stands strong for the Freedoms of the World

John 14:27 King James Version
27” Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

Setting the World Free
By Joan G. Allen Pfeiffer

This is not where I belong.
There is time ahead to see.
Our heart is singing a song,
That may set the world free.

That is all the words that the poem has, but it says so much!

How can you set the world free? Aha, now the real excitement kicks in! Sound waves have been said to be faster than light waves by some physicists. They call it “superliminal”.  Imagine, how fast your favorite song could even reach the angriest places to make it enjoyable.  Let’s start talking about traffic tie-ups. Listen:

I know a Buttercup song may not be exactly what you expected.  If you listened you realize a song like this shines in delight! Do we ever really wonder about the melodies that light up our hearts? A song can make you happy, and full of joy in a second. When you sing a lullaby to your babies, you soothe them to sleep.

The American National Anthem’s words, brass instruments, and drums shout a huge pride for our country.  All the world’s countries applaud and cheer at the end of their national anthems. We have seen it at the Olympic Games. How beautiful to each citizen in valor.

King David sang so many songs to God in praise and thankfulness. The sounds of strings and horns lift up to Heaven and raise the highest sounds so the angels can sing along. Can you hear them in your hearts? Can you hear the whole world singing with all of us praising God?

How great is our God setting the timetable on earth to glorify His Holy Name.  Now lets hear the world sing:


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