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Joan grew up in the Quad Cities of Illinois. She received Christ as her personal Savior at age 16. She had a sudden yearning to know more about Jesus and to share His Grace.

Jesus was calling her to study the Bible. She turned down a four-year scholarship for Illinois State University. Not only had Jesus saved her eternal life with Him, He also saved her from wanting to die by suicide. She had tried to end her own life. She thought that no one loved her since everyone had abandoned her. Then she called a friend who told her about God’s Love that would never leave her. The Scripture of John 3:16 along with I Corinthians 13 is how Jesus spoke to her; “The greatest of these is Love.” She opened her mouth and prayed that Jesus would enter her life. He did!

She attended Arizona Bible College, which was closed after her first year. She continued her education at Arizona Christian University formerly Southwestern College in Phoenix, AZ. Her major study was Missions. She taught as an assistant teacher at Scottsdale Christian Academy for a semester. She also loved music and sang in the College Choir, which traveled throughout the state to many churches.

Her journey into later life had finally allowed her to see the purpose God wanted her to. She had experienced several deaths in her family and marriages that ended. A mother who died from suicide when she was nine years old, a daughter who died in her ninth month and was still-born, her dad who died in a car accident, her sister who died from burns caused by a house fire, and a brother who died of a sudden heart attack. Throughout these experiences, God was with her and never left her side. He gave her a genuine empathy to help those who grieve in many ways. Her poems were written for the encouragement of God’s promises of Hope and Love.

The static of anger, grief, sorrow, and death of her daughter caused her to turn away from Jesus. Her marriage ended because Satan took a hold on the couple with evil from grief. Before it ended however, God sent His blessing with another baby daughter. Still, she lived in this abyss of darkness still agreeing to pray, but not keeping Jesus her first love. Her husband had left, and now she had three children to raise by herself. She started partying with those who loved the world. Drinking, dancing at bars, and living as if His life didn’t matter in hers anymore. She only gave Him time when she wanted to.

God had different ideas, He missed His daughter, and He needed to bring her back to obedience. He brought a huge change in her life’s journey, to remind her, she still needed Him and still loved Him. So in Jesus’ longing for her love there came a brain tumor. Thirty years of living life her way, was changing to live life His Way again. Prayers were all she could do while her tears became oceans. Through all the lost years with Jesus, she repented and again was forgiven.

Jesus showed her again how much she was loved. He clung to her through the storms of pain and sorrow in the fight for her life. He brought her Miracles again and again. Within one year she had three brain surgeries, 40 hyperbaric treatments, 2 PIC lines filled with antibiotics, and was diagnosed with a very rare brain disease. Then another tumor was found later in her neck, which also became known as a part of her brain disease.

This disease called “Idiopathic Hypertrophic Cranial Pachymeningitis “,is known as an “orphan” because it has no known cause or treatment. Before each surgery, the doctors indicated there were high risks at stake. Among those possible issues on the list was loss of speech, having a stroke, and many difficult outcomes from surgery. His Miracles have been given time and again. The most current ones are, the abilities toward physical strengths. Her brain still understands His Living Word. She deals with some damage, but He lets her know it is more of Him now and less of her.

The brain when recovering from a tumor can alter memory, cause word and speech issues, PTSD onsets caused by triggers over her past experiences, and possible seizures. She still has two tumors in her brain, but the only problem is a migraine once in a while. His greatest Miracle has been His Love and Light in her heart. The desire to share Jesus has now become her purpose. The newest ministry of mission He brought to her is at the many hospitals and doctors offices she attends. She always has everyone pray to show her who needs Him in their lives. There is always someone she is to meet. He shows her the way.

The only believability of this is God’s richness of “immeasurably more than we ask or imagine..” Ephesians 3:20. The lesson God has shown her is to care for others above self. To empathize in what their fear and loss feels like. Jesus gave her several gifts to share. A new gift in her new testimony of hope, and her writing of His Hope that He has promised in His Scriptures of the Holy Bible. Through His Hope exists salvation and eternal life with Jesus. This is what He wants for each of us.

She cannot indicate this is an easy path she follows. Each day requires His Word to bring new courage to carry on. Her prayers are unending throughout the day. She even prays for something as simple as an item in a grocery store. It is by grace she is saved through faith… admitting that she is a sinner like everyone else. Jesus has freely given her forgiveness through His Love by the blood He shed for her on the cross. He who is perfect sent His Spirit years ago when she asked Him to come into her life. He reminds her that the Holy Spirit lives inside of her. His Promises are true.

She believes in miracles, and she believes God can heal her brain disease. What she likes to share with others is; His healing her spiritually. He is healing her from the inside out. His plan, His will is not always as we think it should be. His ways are not our ways; His thoughts are not our thoughts. He predestined this for her.

Her mottos are: “You never fail if you try. Never give up, the race we run for Jesus!”
Psalm 118:8 King James Version (KJV)
8 It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.