I Corinthians 12:9 “to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit.” (Spiritual Gifts)

Ember is a nurse that covered many of my night times at the hospital. This time through my brain disease journey, I had two weeks of Rehabilitation. Unlike the other four surgeries I have had from this disease, I needed a little more care.

Anyone who has spent a night in the hospital knows the regime of nursing. The hours of awakening and sleeping are unlike the home you live in. This is extremely so if you have a roommate. Voila, this was my status.

Ember nights were few but so appreciated on occurrence. Her name alone should tell us that she is like a light in the night shining. The times for my medications and IV checks became so minute. Many times I never awakened at all. Refreshed in plenty of sleep, I easily started healing.

I had several roommates in two weeks. God brought them in one by one. There were ones who encouraged, the ones who were crying in pain and sorrow, and others who prayed with me in full belief of a complete healing. Ember oozed healing covering us under her wings. We became known on that tenth level as “the Fun Room”!

The nurses told us that anytime our button was pushed for help, they argued who was going to the “Fun Room”. Two ladies I am in close contact with are still surprised at the times we shared together! One attended church with us yesterday. Jesus walks with her.

We would laugh and smile, pray and sing, and drink coffee. We had treats to share, flowers around us, and we seemed to giggle like children. The other nurses would come in and start dancing around while taking our vitals. Yes, Jesus was in this room where many stopped along their way peeking in. I loved it when they would smile into our doorway saying, “You are not allowed to laugh.” They meant it in complete joy.

There was Ember floating around the several rooms while still making more time for us all. Yes, we will always be thankful for those nights with Ember. She shared so much with us. She knew God’s presence with her and is journaling about her “Glory Moments”. Now she will write them too in a journal.

Smiling is a prescription to healing.



At Christmas there are so many who face unexpected and sorrowful blows to their hearts.   Even for those of us as children of God, we have a high static of emotion.  Not only do those who do not experience that static, they are in the darkness of no hope at all.

As I visited the hospital this week for my Pre-Op tests to prepare for my brain surgery next week, God had a plan.  He gave me a poem to write just for those who He knew I would meet.  I was to share this poem with those who needed hope along with my book, “Fluttering Poems of Hope”.  They were all awaiting surgery during this Holiday Season.

There they were.  Have you ever seen such fear and darkness that permeated the air?  It was there right in front of me and all around that waiting room.  One by one, Jesus showed me His light to shine above the darkness in them.  Each one I prayed for, and each one I gave the gifts sharing Him to them.  I want to share this poem for those who need it this Christmas Season.


By Joan Allen Pfeiffer

Dear Jesus,

They tell me I need surgery.

Sometimes there is that fear.

Your hand grips me tighter,

And reminds me you are here.

Walk with me down the corridor,

Let me see your light.

There are others all around me,

Who did not sleep last night.

Take my selfishness away,

Open my eyes through yours.

Guide the illumination I seek,

So only the Love of you pours.

The goal of my salvation,

Is forever in my heart.

So many of the others,

Need to know Your part.

As you hold my hand dear Lord,

The Love of you enfolds.

Let me share the same,

Of what Your Promise holds.

James 1:17 “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from “Above” and comes down from the Father of Lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.”



Proverbs 25:11 King James Version (KJV)
11 A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.

The scripture of design for a word from humans is “fitly” spoken. When I write about the words that do come (in my Aphasian world), they are more of a maxim.

You are probably already wondering about the word Aphasian in red. No, it is not a word. Surprise! However if you were to be diagnosed with “aphasia”, and your answers are jumbled communications, then you would understand. Many times when I speak, people will ask where I am from. The way I speak is very specific, as someone who is learning English would be. Since I have “aphasia”, I tell them I speak Aphasian, from Aphasia. Is Aphasia a real country? No, but it is a real world to those of us who have it.

Sometime ago, I wrote about “when words won’t come”. These words that don’t come are halted by the electrical part of my brain. There are times they do come, but in a very strange way. When authors write, they listen for the correct words, and then a “new” one appears, caught from the air. ( I have often wondered if the words are a static wave in the air.) The cursor on the page indicates in red, “this is not a word”. Then my reply to the cursor is; “well, it should be!”

New words happened about two years ago; while I was writing my first blog.  My notebook started a new dictionary. I thought of a favorite show I watch on TV. The head of the show has a new word at the end. This word is always about “don’t do or don’t be”. Many times these words I have never heard or read. Yes, superfluously funny! I thought that I should send him a copy of my “new dictionary”. I never did though because they are made up by me. Or should I say for me? I am certainly not a Webster’s Dictionary.

I thank God though for those musical methods of His eloquence. He does have a sense of humor. My wonder is, how intelligent He is! Just think about His creation, yes, it is hard to fathom in my little brain. Yet, when I pray for His answer, He is most comical with my new words.

I learned He still creates! He creates new words! At least to me He does. It is like a game. Yes, He likes to play with us too! After all, He is our Constant Companion. Picture this, the three of them, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as they paint the picture of all the creation. Do you think they had fun? Perhaps the enjoyment caused their laughter through the beauty of it all. What we are told is by the seventh day, they were tired, and they needed to rest.

I think I hear my reader, wanting me to share the words that do come. Here are just a few to entice you, perhaps I will write a dictionary some day.
Starstruck – meaning “enlightened”
Twinnage – meaning “double trouble”
Servancey – meaning “to serve in free will instead of slavery”
Prayable – meaning “something that needs prayer”

So, there they are. Do they sound as savory to you as they do to me? Try saying them in a sentence, listen to the flow of the words.

“I was starstruck watching the twinkled light gliding across the sky.”

It is artwork, is it not? I am picturing the moments when we see falling stars. Those stars are usually not there, but when they are, what a glow.

Just a thought, perhaps you could also pray for God’s newest creation to see. Yes, it is magical.