Early, very early this morning Jesus awoke me. He was telling me new things to come. His path is stirring another direction. Perhaps it was yesterday’s service from Pastor Steve. The message was, “Your Community needs Jesus”! In every corner, every street, every one, enemy or otherwise, be gentle and give respect.


While I was in the hospital this time, God gave me a sweet older lady in her 70’s. She had suffered it seemed from taking an overdose of her prescription.   She had forgotten she had already taken it. Well, I know a lot of older seniors who do this, so I knew God had her there for us to meet. Not this coincidence.


She was a Mennonite full of love and God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Every morning we would have prayer, devotions, and music for honoring the Lord.   We prayed with her family who was very concerned about her wellness. Her Pastor prayed with both of us. How glorious a time!


Why do you suppose He had us meet along with the Praise and Love? Yes, there was a reason. Hope.   She had lost her will to live.   She thought her end was near and she wanted to go home to Jesus. Oh, Oh, not something to tell our Dad. “I want to leave this place you sent me”. Oh, no, you are in the right place, I am not done with you here yet.   Do you want to end up in a whale like Jonah, who said the same thing?


So, I shared the book of Jonah to remind her the truth. God does not like to be told when He should take us home. This is not your plan to make, He is your maker and you are not.


The other roommate I had was definitely planned by Jesus. This woman had a stroke, fell and broke her left leg. She was in pain! She cried and cried, she yelled, she cursed, and continually harped on the nurses. I knew this was not her. I knew that the stroke and the medications were disrupting her mind.   So, I started praying and reading scripture. Even though the curtain was pulled where she could not see me, she could hear me.


She screamed, “Who is that? Who is talking?” I told her my name and that I was praying for her. She said, “Good”. Then she settled down and fell asleep. I thanked Jesus because now I could get some sleep too.


When she awoke about 4 hours later, it all started again. Then I started reading and praying again. This time though, the evil and darkness wanted to creep in. I prayed that Jesus would overcome this in His name. This was not His plan, instead she yelled at me and called me a devil.


You see, He needs to show us the truth. The truth is she was weak enough to be attacked by Satan. The truth is that I was supposed to learn from this and be gentle and kind. We will meet the enemy, and He will fight it for us, but we need to be strong and courageous. Jesus already won! A lesson well learned.


This is my Father’s World!


I Peter 3:15 “But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to every one who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.”